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Many of the featured artworks (left column) require that your browser support the Java language. Works that do not require Java include Bardcode, Boxplorer, Exit Not Found, Playout, Commission Control, General Vision and Hyper-Reliquary  
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Art Free? Malleable Aesthetics No Quarter
As competition for eyeballs becomes more intense online, the public's reliance on the guidance of marketing engineers and magical search engines is unlikely to favor independent content producers. While Internet portals begin to pitch music and movies, even less attention will be focused on artists and authors.
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So much of the contemporary experience of the World Wide Web is searching and sampling of the unfinished, insufficient precursors of what one may expect tomorrow. In the climate of "cool" that prevails, most are occupied with looking, searching, and waiting rather than with dialogue, synthesis, derivation, and playful production.
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Strained to find enough cannon fodder for the resource wars that stretch out across the years before us, the US military is making tactical alliances with the entertainment industry, and in particular the game industry. The mythic war entertainment sold to the young by the military industrial media complex raises a new front in the culture war on media violence.
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