Information SuperHighway Robbery

With the Feds snooping the Internet with Project Echelon and when 'privacy' on the net seems as difficult to come by as evidence of 'military intelligence,' do YOU want to pay the Private NSA $100 (!) to register YOUR domain name and your identity?

InterNIC, or Network Solutions, Inc. is owned by SAIC, the largest private contractor for the National Security Administration and the Pentagon and is currently billing $9 million a month in registration fees from what is supposed to be a PUBLIC RESOURCE -the Internet!

With some companies claiming ownership of common words as their property, is the ULTIMATE RIP OFF about to occur: the privatization of LANGUAGE? Educate yourself about what's going on here and look into registering your website's DNS with the new, 'demilitarized' company. If late 20th century Capitalism is essentially organized crime, is it possible to break in from the outside and win?


Isn't it utterly ridiculous that a private company closely affiliated with the US military holds a stranglehold on a public resource? I mean... how can a company own a fucking WORD? This is a really interesting article and it really pissed me off...

Internet Domain Names: Whose Domain Is This?

This very in-depth paper reports on the complexities of Internet domain name and trademark registration with the current system and why something must be done about it... But by whom? Lots of linked resources and footnotes, too.

Rebellion Over Who Controls the Net

Hmmm... And here I thought that it was a public resource... (It's the NY Times, so you gotta log in, but this article is worth the hassle).

New York Company Sues to Open Up Internet Names

New York Times article about PGP Media's antitrust lawsuit against Network Solutions, Inc.

Who is

>From 'Hotwired' a Real Audio debate between '' founder Paul Garrin and Wired's Simpson Garfinkel over Garrin's plan to break InterNIC's monopoly on registering Internet domain names. 28 minutes long.