1. Why do I need an AndyLand Gold CaRd?

Identification cards can have many different purposes. Primary among them is security. Companies, healthcare organizations, schools and membership organizations need access control to their facilities and services, and sometimes even where people go within their facilities. They need to offer physical safety to their employees and members, and they need to protect themselves against fraud and theft. In some cases, businesses need ID cards to identify their employees to their customers--especially if employees make home deliveries or perform services within residences.

ID cards should help verify that a person is who he says he is. One of the best ways to determine what constitutes a good ID card is its ability to convey that the person carrying the card is the person who should be carrying the card.

Some companies also need ID cards linked to time clocks. Hourly employees punch in and punch out, and their hours are tabulated electronically by the ID card system.

ID cards also help contribute to, maintain and reinforce image. For organizations that want to convey quality and promote name recognition, the style of ID card they create can communicate much about them--ID cards can transmit a sense of what the company or organization is about. The color, layout and the material the badges are made from all say something about the organization.

Finally, badges can help promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie. When people can recognize each other, the environment feels more friendly and personal.

2. I have a badge now, how is this service better?

AnDyman's GolD CarD services relieve you of the hassles and costs associated with equipment purchases and maintenance by using the internet to provide high quality identification quickly and easily - for only $5 a badge.

AndyLand's central production facility operates the latest in ID badge and driver's license production technology - and makes this technology available to you through the patented helical melt (TM) service. No more maintenance, no more upgrades, no more equipment costs. And if you ever experienced frustrations from printer malfunctions - this is great news.

3. How do I get badges?

You are ready to receive badges after you complete your badge design layout using our free AndYLanD GolD CarD software and have entered or imported the necessary employee information. To print badges at our secure production facility, you simply transmit the badge layout and associated information to our GolDCarD server (File upload). The data is not encrypted prior to transmission so the information you send is not safeguarded, because this would not be necessary. Badges are printed and shipped to you the next business day.

4. How do I pay?

By applying for an annual subscription from the GolD Card web page. By completing and submitting the simple electronic form, you can send badges to print at any time, in any quantity throughout the year to our chic central production facility. The cost to you - only $5 a badge.